1477 FOLSOM 1975 - 1980

In 1975, eviction notices began arriving at 136 Embarcadero. Chase and his friends began to comb the areas in town they thought best to resettle. Each would take a two block radius and talk to all the residents and business owners. Where was an empty space, cheap and large enough to house them?  Chase found the solution—a tower above a plastic bag factory at Folsom and 11th street. He convinced the owner to let him convert the five floors into live-work space for a $400 a month rent.

Each floor was given a function. Chase's studio was on the first landing, off a machine shop. The first floor in the living compound was reserved for a guest room and two bathrooms, the second flight up was a living, music studio, garden, the third floor the kitchen dining room, and the fourth floor (which led to a rooftop garden) the common space.


Here life continued, but at a much more comfortable level. The Christmas Breakfasts continued. The parties, the films continued. Chase shot much of Childhood of Busoni in his studio. These five years marked an end to the era.