Having been the center of the flower-child invasion beginning in 1966, and also the anti-war movement during the late 60's, it was also fitting that San Francisco would be the center of the gay-liberation movement following the Stonewall riots in New York. Dominant in San Francisco were the Gay Marches which began to commemorate Stonewall, and the gay fairs on Castro Street, which began in conjunction with the marches. Prevalent at the time was the issue of "coming out" and many gays remained in the closet.  At the march and fair they were able to express themselves.  The fairs were attended by more and more straight sympathizers each year.

Chase made a film of the first parade hoping to use it as a propaganda piece for straight organizations. The film played in a number of churches, and group meetings around San Francisco, but went missing in 1974. In the late spring of 2019 it was discovered. The new restored film can be seen on the Film page of this website. PARADE (1972)