A work in folder form, this “booklet” created in a new xerox process Chase would later expand in the 1980’s. It is taken from family photos.

Cover photo: Chase’s mother, Vivian Jeanette Couk , (center) posing in with her family in Blessing, Texas around 1910.

GIRL’S PLAY: A photo of his mother’s high school class ( a girl’s school) in Houston, Texas in the middle 20’s.

FOOLS GOLD: Mother (Jeanette) with a report card; Father (Herbert) as a goal . Jeanette had moved with family to Seminole, Oklahoma

AMBITION: Early in their marraige, Herbert still held to his ambition of a swing band leader.

BEGINNING: Mother & Father early in their marriage. He had been elected mayor, the youngest in the town’s history.

STAR: Chase as hero of the hour. He sang, tap- danced, painted, recited, all at an early age.

DESTINY: Ready to take on the world.

End photo: Chase on his horse.