CLOWN 1969 Award/ Ann Arbor Film Festival

 Clown is a more advanced film than the previous ones, being a professional collaboration between actress-dancer Elizabeth Harris and composer Pauline Oliveros.  Chase spent weeks writing and story boarding the scenes in the decaying amusement park next to Ocean Beach in San Francisco.  The park fell victim to developers in the middle 70's, so the film serves as a memento to it's existence.   He had been struck by the overexposed film scenes in a few Russian films which he tried to copy without the proper equipment. He was also under the spell of Alain Renais' inter-cutting techniques.  Once again, movement and cutting accent the emotion temperature of the story. He also began to experiment with sound and image.  The Oliveros score is used sparsely, as the majority of the music comes from the amusement park location.




THE FILM: CLOWN   (10 Minutes TRT)