WORK ON PAPER     1990 - 2000


As the Millennium approached, Chase had, by then, accumulated a huge pile of memorabilia, sitting on a 4' x 8 ' worktable in his studio. He had thought about tossing everything into the garbage, but couldn't, as there was so much material he had planned to use for collage, but had never had time.  Impatient with his lack of action, he came up with a plan to use the material. Every morning he would create a collage using only the material on top of the pile, using very little discrimination in choosing what to use - let fate decide.   He began in September of 1999, but after four months had become aware of the enormity of the project.  He was exhausted.  He abandoned it after more than a hundred collages, and fled to Paris for the turn of the century.


MILLENNIUM SERIES    1999 - 2000